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The doors of the Chrysalis Insurance Agency opened in 2010, under the leadership of Eric P. Evans, Owner / Agent (Ca Broker’s License # OD89368).  Eight years prior, Eric entered the insurance industry as an agent with Farmers Insurance Group.  During his service at Farmer’s, Eric received numerous awards for his product knowledge, client dedication, and sales volume, where he continually strived to be the very best.

In 2010, Eric believing in an unwavering commitment to customer service, opened the Chrysalis Insurance Agency in Costa Mesa in 700 square feet, and within 18 months, moved to larger quarters where the agency is presently located on Red Hill Avenue.

Now more than a decade later, Eric has built a reputation of earning each customer’s respect not once, but twice.  First, at the time their policy is written, and second when a customer needs assistance with the complexities of an ever-changing world of insurance.  Whether writing a policy for the first time with CIA, making changes to an existing policy, renewing a policy, or desiring assistance to make a claim…three simple but meaningful words define the Core Values of CIA…these are:

Trust, Value, and Choice!

These three words form the foundation under which each CIA employee must adhere to in their relationship with each CIA client.

Each of us makes decisions every day based on our values, and those values make us who we are!  They drive our decisions and most often become the root of our passions.  It is this same reasoning, which each CIA employee draws upon in their everyday working relationship with a member of the CIA family.

As an independent insurance agency, the CIA is proud to have direct appointments with numerous of the region’s leading insurance companies. These appointments help the CIA bring the best rates on the market to their clients.

So whether you are a family with teens, a couple nearing retirement, a business owner with a fleet of vans, the CIA professional team or insurance advisors can help you with all your insurance requirements – for personal and/or business.

For more information please contact us today to speak with one of our dedicated staff members.


Display integrity while providing peace of mind, and an excellent experience with every interaction we have.


Chrysalis Insurance Agency (CIA) is dedicated to providing competent and exceptional service, earning the trust of, and providing value to individuals and businesses. We provide extensive choices of insurance products and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.


  • Clarity
    Be straight forward with our clients
  • Transparent
    Respond to questions with a truthful answer, or say “I don’t know” and take the time to find one
  • Respect
    Earn excellence in reputation by how we treat people
  • Exceptional
    Never stop learning or improving. Be exceptional with all of our interactions.
  • Intentional
    Ask the right questions and be excellent listeners

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