Nevada Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance in NevadaWorkers compensation is one of the original types of insurance, and was built to provide employees with quick and proper medical treatment, financial coverage, and other benefits needed following a workplace injury or illness. As a no-fault system, workers compensation provides employees with benefits regardless of fault for the accident. As a result, an employees is unable to sue the employer for any damages related to an injury or illness from the accident. Chrysalis Insurance Agency is a leading provider of workers compensation insurance in Reno, Carson NV, Las Vegas, Henderson, and throughout the great state of Nevada.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Generally, workers compensation insurance will cover:

  • Permanent Injury Compensation
  • Medical Care for work-related injuries or illness
  • Vocational Rehab
  • Lost Income
  • Death Benefits

Because it is regulated on a state level, workers compensation insurance coverage, requirements, and premiums vary from state to state. Chrysalis Insurance Agency has a complete understand of workers compensation requirements in Nevada, and our experienced agents work closely to fully understand your business, and your individual needs, so that we can determine the top workers compensation solution.

Why Do I Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Nevada companies that employ at least one or more employee are required to have workers compensation insurance. There are a few exceptions of employees that are exempt due to unique criteria. This includes:

  • “Casual employees” – employment less than 20 days with a total labor cost of less than $500
  • Employees that are in Nevada on a temporary basis and are insured in their home state
  • Employees that are working in interstate commerce entities and are not subject to legislation in Nevada
  • Employees that that are covered by private disability and death benefit plans

These exceptions do not apply to the construction industry, and all construction laborers are required to have workers compensation insurance.

An important factor to keep in mind is to take the time to thoroughly review and understand your workers compensation policy, as well as the obligations you have as an employer. Workplace incidents have a significant impact on your employees’ lives. Chrysalis Insurance Agency is not only able to provide your company with a competitively priced workers compensation insurance policy, but we also make sure that you understand your policy and obligations.

It takes time to fully evaluate a business and loss history prior to giving a quote, for any type of business insurance. We work as fast as possible to provide your quote, but it is important to look over your workers compensation plan at least a few months before expiration. This gives proper time to completely review the existing coverage and determine future needs.

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