Washington Workers Compensation

Washington Workers Compensation InsuranceWorkers compensation is one of the original forms of insurance. Designed to give employees financial compensation, medical care, and other benefits in the case of a injury or illness in the workplace, workers compensation is a no-fault system. A no-fault system means that an employee will be eligible to receive benefits regardless of fault for the accident. Because of this, those employees cannot sue the employer for any amount to recoup for illness or injury suffered as a result of the accident. Chrysalis Insurance Agency has workers compensation insurance policies for all types of businesses across Washington, including in Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane, Olympia, and Bellingham.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

The coverages generally included in workers compensation insurance are:

  • Lost Income Reimbursement
  • Medical Treatment
  • Death Benefits
  • Compensation for Permanent Injury
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

The regulations for workers comp insurance are different throughout each different state, which means that coverage, requirements, and premiums are different in every state. Chrysalis Insurance Agency is an expert on the requirements for workers compensation in Washington state. Our agents work closely with all of our clients to understand your business and needs so that we can offer the best solution for your workers compensation needs.

Why Do I Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Washington requires all businesses with at least one full time employee to have workers compensation insurance. There are only a few exceptions where employees or companies may be considered exempt. For a full list of exempted employees, view the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries’ guide. If you are a business owner, partner, corporate officer, or member/manager, you are typically excluded from the mandatory workers compensation coverage, although there are limits on the number of those who can be excluded. A child under the age of 18, employed by a parent in agricultural work on a family farm is also excluded.

You can elect student volunteers, unpaid students, and unpaid student interns into optional coverage. Workers under the age of 18 will still need to be covered. If you send workers out of Washington State to work temporarily in another state, you will likely need to cover them. If you have a worker from another state temporarily in Washington, you will not need to pay premiums if there is a reciprocal agreement for coverage from that worker’s home state, or if there is no reciprocal agreement, but you insure that worker in their home state, and the work performed in Washington doesn’t require registration as a contractor or electrical licensee.

For the most part, you do not need to cover independent contractors. However, if the contract is for the same services or product that your own business typically provides, you will likely need to purchase workers compensation coverage for that employee.

Because it is a legal obligation, make sure you take the time to fully understand your current workers compensation policy. Incidents that occur in the workplace have a big impact on your employees’ lives. Chrysalis Insurance Agency prides ourselves on not only providing competitively priced workers compensation insurance policies, but also taking the time to ensure you have an in depth understanding of your policy and obligations.

We must fully evaluate your business and loss history before we can provide a quote for any type of business insurance. We work at a prompt speed to provide that quote, but you will still want to review your workers compensation plans several months before that policy expires. This gives proper time to evaluate that existing coverage, as well as determining next steps.

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