4 Ways to Cover Your Belongings in a Move


Moving can be one of life’s most stressful events. It’s tiring and time-consuming to box up all your belongings, and that’s before you even start worrying about how to transport everything safely. Speaking of that, do you know if your insurance covers your property while it’s in transit? And does your policy immediately kick in […]

Is it time for an Insurance Checkup?


Life changes fast. And when it does, your property coverage probably needs to change, too. Why? If you’re carrying too much coverage, that means you’re overpaying. If you’re carrying too little, then you’re taking on too much risk. There’s only one way to find out if you’re where you need to be: by making time for […]

Is it a big mistake to file a small claim?

You know that sinking feeling you get when something goes wrong with your house? Whether it’s a stolen bike or a burst pipe, your first reaction may be to call us to file a claim. In reality, filing a claim “just to be on the safe side” could cost you — in more ways than […]

Simple Tasks That Will Save You Money

simple task

Even if you never experience a major mishap, homeownership can be expensive. That’s why it’s so important to stop trouble before it starts. What’s the best way to do this? Take care of basic maintenance tasks throughout the year. When completed on a regular schedule, these five actions can help prevent you from wasting your […]

Do you Need Rental Property Insurance?

property insurance

  Renting out your property, whether it’s part of the home you live in or a separate space altogether, can be a great way to generate income. That is, as long as it’s properly insured. If you’re acting as a landlord for a short- or long-term rental, you’re most likely going to require more coverage […]

What You Need to Know About Solar Panels


Whether you like living green or saving green, solar panels can possibly help with both. Considering how relatively inexpensive and popular these additions are becoming, some experts even think solar panels may soon be as common as AC units. Still, they’re not the right choice for all homeowners. Here are a few critical questions to […]

Here’s How and Why to Freeze Your Credit


Did you know there’s a way to protect your credit file from fraudulent inquiries, giving you more say in who can access your reports and when? It won’t even cost you anything to take this important step. Here’s more information about how, why and when to request a credit freeze as well as what effects […]

Look Forward to These Car Features in 2019

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Futuristic features aren’t just for luxury vehicles anymore. Many high-tech additions are now offered as standard options in all kinds of cars, which means it’s important to stay on top of these developments and their potential benefits. Want to know more? Here’s a look at a few top trends. Self-Driving Technology Though we’re inching toward […]

Test Your Insurance Knowledge Today

Test your insurance knowledge today

Do you ever feel confused by the finer points of homeowners insurance (or any other insurance-related topic)? You’re not alone. The most familiar terms also tend to be the most commonly misunderstood. If you want to make the most of your policy and avoid surprises down the road, it might be time to test your […]

4 Water Damage Prevention Tips to Know

water damage 20174

Every home is vulnerable to leaks and flooding, and dealing with water damage can be expensive and annoying. The good news is there are several easy ways to prevent problems. Take a look at these maintenance tips to help keep your house dry and your foundation strong. 1. Clean your gutters. To do their duty, […]